Thursday, October 20, 2011

Our Hens

Lindsay wrote this post for her paper-crafting blog and has kindly let me re-post to start off the new blog:

John and I decided to add a couple more chickens to our flock, and found a lady who wanted to downsize hers!  Perfect!  Well, maybe not.  We got two younger Buff Orpington chickens that lay and are very domesticated.  They didn't stand a chance against Gretchen and Sassy!  We tried to integrate the new girls slowly but the other two just wouldn't have it.  So, we parted ways with them.  I know it sounds cruel, but   a nice woman answered our ad to take them and they are enjoying the wide open space on her farm.  We now have two gorgeous, happy chickens who have been busy giving us the most delicious eggs!

Along with their arrival, my so handy hubby got busy revamping their coop!  Love what he did with such little supplies!  All that is left to do is give it a coat of paint, yellow with white trim!  Can't wait!  Here is the new coop along with our two new birds...

Meet Sugar.  My favorite, I might add.  She is super friendly and doesn't mind being picked up.  She also loves to chat with you when you are near.

Meet Penny.  She is very young and hyper, loves to dig and is really busy!

Here is the coop that John rebuilt.  You can check out the original design here.  We had to make do with the size constraints given by our city laws, but found there is plenty of space for these two.  Don't mind the leafy mess!  Time to clean!

Some pics of the inside, which include, a dirt mix of ash, sand and dirt for cleaning themselves (keeps the bugs off).  A roost for sleeping, a nesting box for laying eggs along with feed and water.
Of course I had to leave you with a couple more pics of the girls.  
Thank you so much for humoring me!  I just love having chickens and sharing about them with others!  Some people may think it strange, but I have found caring for and watching these two to be so relaxing and gratifying.  Not to mention, delicious!  There is nothing like a fresh egg or two to make it extra worth while.

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