Saturday, October 29, 2011

This week I finished my attempt at 2 cold frames / mini-greenhouses. We'll see if I can put them to good use. I picked up 20 free windows on craiglist, put them together with deck screws, and added a 49 cent hinge set from Marc's!

Those 3 black trays have freshly planted lettuce in the them. Is there any chance I can grow a crop of lettuce since it's already the end of October in northeast Ohio? I don't know, but I'm going to try. Maybe if I put a blanket over the greenhouse on the really cold nights?

Jonathan showing off the other completed cold frame with a strawberry plant pot and basil inside:

I took a few pictures of the chickens while I was at it. Fresh leaves were added to the run and the old wet ones were taken to the compost pile today:

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